Which Type of Hair Removal Laser Is Right for You

When it comes to hair removal, laser is one of the best solutions you can look at. There are actually different types of laser treatments to choose from. Each one is designed to suit a certain skin tone and thickness of hair that needs to be removed. Prior to your appointment, a skin care professional will assess and perform a patch test to be determine the right type of laser for you before performing the procedure on a much wider area. To give you an idea about the different kinds of hair removal laser machines, read along.


Ruby was the first laser treatment developed for hair removal. This system is perfect for fair skinned people because it has a high melanin absorption rate. It works best in removing light or thin hair. While it is great for fair skinned people, it can cause skin discoloration to those with darker skin tone. Ruby laser hair removal is less painful compared to others but is also more time consuming because of its slower repetition between laser pulses. This system is good for treating smaller areas only because of its time consumed.


The Alexandrite laser system is the most popular and fastest hair removal machine as of now. It works perfectly well to people with fair to olive skin tones. Because of its speed, this system is ideal in treating bigger areas such as the legs and the back. However, due to its fast laser pulses, some people find it more painful than the other laser types.


Diode laser system has a longer wavelength that deeply penetrates into the hair follicles. It is a relatively newly developed system but has already gained popularity to this day. Because its wavelength is adjustable, it is perfect for almost any kind of skin tone. Diode laser is ideal for those who want to remove unwanted hair that is coarse or thick, making it well-known among men looking for chest and back hair removal solutions.


Nd:YAG laser system is one of the latest in laser technology. It is designed safe to be used on almost any skin tone, even dark and tan ones. This system uses longer infrared wavelengths that target the hair follicles directly and ignore the melanin found on the skin. With this, there’s no need to worry about skin pigmentation after the treatment. Aside from hair removal, Nd:YAG can also be used in removing tattoos and laser skin resurfacing.

IPL/Intense Pulsed Light

Although this system doesn’t utilize and actual laser, it still uses light energy to remove unwanted body hair. Instead of sending a single beam of light like lasers, the IPL system throws and entire spectrum. Compared to real lasers, this one is lesser in power which makes it perfect in removing fair or thin hair. IPL is the cheapest among all those other treatments mentioned, making it a perfect choice when you’re on a budget.

By knowing the right type of laser hair removal system for you, you can be assured to get the best results after a session.

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