Ways To Go From Your Office Look To A Party Look

It’s hard managing work life and a good social life, especially if you’re a girl. What with all the different things you have to attend to, the biggest problem is clothing! We all know that we can’t simply wear our office attire to a party or a casual dinner, so every event requires us to plan what we want to wear ahead and then we need to also coordinate it with the events of the day. But the best part is that even though this sounds like a scary and tiresome job, we women have found a way around it in a way that makes the whole process less stressful and more effective. However, the main thing to remember is that you have to make sure to stick to the appropriate dress codes to places. For example it wouldn’t be appropriate to dress up in party wear to office and likewise to dress up in party wear to a picnic. Here are some tips you can go from your office wear to party wear quite easily without hassle.

Choose Clothes That Can Be Easily Transformed

This is a very good thing to remember when trying to choose an outfit for the day knowing that you have a party at the end of it. Try to put together an outfit that you can easily transform from office wear to party wear with the simple addition or removal of say a blazer or a pair of heels. For example, you can wear your office top and bottom and have a velvet blazer ready with you for when its party time and just put that on top and you’re good to go. So click here for womens velvet blazer in Australia to choose from a range of colors that would suit you. You can also go from office wear to casual dinner wear by simply replacing the office shirt with a more comfortable blouse that is not too complicated to get out of in a matter of minutes.

Accessories Help A Lot

We often underestimate the power that accessories can have on any outfit and we don’t use them to their full effect. You can most definitely use accessories to completely change and transform an outfit from simple and formal office attire to a glamorous party outfit. All you have to do is to know how to use them properly. Let’s take for example your boring white shirt and a black skirt with regular heels for the office and later the same day you can add a contrasting necklace,

some red lipstick, some shiny heels, a big bracelet and a pair of hoop earring and voila! You’ve got yourself a whole new look with just a few additions. And the best part about this is that they are so easy to carry with you and only take up so little space, and also changing into them is so much easier than having to actually change into a whole new outfit altogether.

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