Major Things You Shouldn’t Do Before Your Tan- A Beginner’s Guide

I guess you’re like me. You like spray tanning, don’t you? Ah, my love for it has deepened across the years and here I am, 10 years later still in love with it. I was always insecure about how pale I was, but now I am oozing with confidence and I’d love to think it’s because of the tanning. Truthfully, I don’t really care for sun tanning. Yes, it’s the safest and easiest but I personally don’t like the results. I’m more into a golden hue, not red crispiness (No offense to all you sun tanning enthusiasts) But ahh! Tanning is hard. Honestly, when I was new to it, I found it so complicated, I might’ve just walked away from it.

I don’t want this to happen to you all. Don’t be confused by tanning, yes there’s more to it than just standing there and getting sprayed, and that’s ok! I’ll help you. We’ll discuss what you certainly must do and shouldn’t do before your tan. Get ready to be golden!

Hot Showers Are Not Your Friend, Sorry!

This is important. Do not shower before your spray tan.This is detrimental to the results achieved. Why? Because of science. When you take a hot shower, the heat radiated tends to open the pores on your skin which causes for patchiness once the tan is sprayed on. Avoid hot showers at least 10 hours before your appointment, and I’d recommend avoiding any type of shower, not just hot ones.

Exfoliation Is Your Best Friend

That’s right. Exfoliating is your best friend, well, when it comes to tanning that is. and It’s quite simple why. When exfoliating, you shave off layers of dead skin cells from your body, allowing for smooth, healthy skin at the surface.

This preparation is a must for many spray tanners and there are even exfoliators specifically for this purpose. Admittedly, I use one. My favorite is the Mitten Black.

Say Goodbye To The Makeup

Foundation is an obvious no go when it comes to tanning. If foundation is applied, it acts as a barrier against your natural skin and the spray tan that is being applied. Imagine what would happen if you get a spray tan with makeup on, then remove your foundation off at night?

Yeah, your body and face won’t match up in colour. Yikes! My friend did this once, and I’m glad to say she learned her lesson.

Do Not Wear Deodorant Before A Spray Tan

Science will tell you this, deodorants have Aluminum inside of them. This is very important to know before getting a spray tan as if you have it on, the tan will chemically react with the aluminum of the deodorant on and turn a sickish green colour. This is awful and no one should go through this as it is very easily avoidable.

So, was this article helpful to you? I reckon it was. I hope my advice will be useful to you in your future tanning escapades. Be golden!

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