Calling All Twenties Girls: You Should Definitely Have These 5 Things

If you’re a girl who’s just come out of her teen years, this article is for you! You’re neither a kid nor an adult, and this can be a pretty frustrating phase in your life. That’s why we made up a list of five little things that might make your life a teeny bit easier!

A Weekly Planner

It wouldn’t matter if it comes in the form of a book or an app- what really matters is that you plan your week at the beginning of it. You might be already living on your own. Having to do and remember everything on your own can be a daunting task at first. An organized schedule can help you flow through the week without any disastrous mishaps such as missing out on an interview or worse- forgetting your friend’s birthday party- which YOU were supposed to organize!

A Pouch to Carry the Essentials

Well, you might ask me why anyone would need a pouch when you can have a gorgeous handbag! If you want an organized life, you should have your handbag organized too. You can’t carry it around like a dumpster! Invest in a spacious pouch that you can use to carry your makeup, sanitizers, wet tissues, and other things you might need to keep yourself fresh for the day. Make sure that you find a dark-coloured (but cute) pouch as lighter shades are more prone to get dirtier.

A Couture Dress

When you’re a working woman, there are a lot of functions that you get invited. May it be a red carpet event or your best friend’s wedding, what you need more than anything is a perfect dress. A girl needs to have a well-fitted dress to look confident and glamorous in all these occasions. But where can you find that perfect dress that compliments your body shape and skin tone? That’s where you will find value in a couture dress. Couture dresses are garments tailored specifically to the wearer’s body shape and stance. For example, Alana Aoun will make sure that you wear the perfectly-fitted gown that will make everyone glance twice in your direction.

A Pair of Killer Heels

You might have noticed a definite boost of confidence when you’re walking in heels. It not only improves our posture but also helps to works out a sashay to your rhythm of walking. Why not pride yourself more by investing in a designer pair? It would ensure that you don’t get any blisters and there would be fewer defects in it than a regular pair of heels. A quality pair of heels would look after your feet, and your feet will have a less traumatic experience at the end of the day.

A Signature Perfume

What better way to let others (someone special, maybe!) know you’re there by showering them with your signature perfume! Invest in a quality perfume that is neither too strong nor too fruity.

These are some vital belongings that would have a calming effect on your otherwise hectic life. Rather than spending on trivial things that make you happy for five seconds, invest in things that make you efficient and brings you convenience. Purchase items that you can use for a long time. This way, you’d be able to flow through your life effortlessly.

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