All You Need To Know About Hair Extensions

Have ever like your hair is too thin or too short to try out your favourite style? Or have you feel less confidence when trying to let it down? Extensions are one of the fastest remedy for these problems. So if you are planning to try them on, but still have doubts, here are answers for some of the frequently asked questions about extensions.

How are They Made?

There are two types of extensions; human hair and synthetic attachments. Human extensions is where they use real human hair for extensions, collected from donors. Remy strands are considered to be one of the types that are of the best quality as the cuticles are kept intact. This prevents tangling and keep the extensions smooth. The type that is synthetic are made of various artificial, blended fibres, and imitate human hair. You can choose either of these types but mostly human hair is the first choice for most professional stylists’ as it is easier to maintain and style. However, synthetics are known for their affordability.

What Colour Should You Choose?

These attachments come in all sorts of colours allowing you to have a wide range of choice. If you want to look as natural as possible then choosing colours that are of similar shades to your natural colour will do. If you want to try on a new colour or a few highlights, you can try and see some of the colours you prefer. Going to a professional stylist will always help when choosing the colour as they will know what suits you the best and will help you to make the colour choice according to your preference.

Will it Damage Natural Hair?

This is a concern that most of you have the answer to this is no. It will not damage as long as you follow the right treatment and maintenance tips. These require daily care as well as regular check-ups of the attachments in every five to seven weeks. This will help you to make sure your attachments are not tangled, or is not worn off unnecessarily due to the lack of care. You can even try out new style with these attachments. Especially if you are using human hair then colouring, curling, straightening and blow drying can be done easily as you would do in natural hair. But with synthetic attachments the colouring will not have the intended results. And straightening and curling too can damage them.

How to Maintain Them?

If you want their quality to last longer, you need to know about the tips to take care of them. Regular maintenance helps the attachments to keep its moisture and add nutrition. One of the most important factors to keep in mind is not to use any oils or any harsh and coarse products. However, use mild shampoo and conditioner to keep them from losing their moisture and natural lustre due to the lack of oils. Hair masks once or twice in a week is also good if you want to moisturize the hair. There are many products available in market but if you are not sure try getting the help of a professional stylist.

Now that you have the answers to the doubt you might have had, the next step is to visit your salon and try these out. Always remember to take professional advice on things you are not so sure or you will end up hating your hairstyle.

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